Peter McCrombie

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Peter McCombie MW

5,790 people have summited Mount Everest; 1,881 people have successfully completed a solo swim of the English Channel and 556 human beings have entered the Earth’s orbit. There are now 409 Masters of Wine, based in 30 countries.

Peter was born in New Zealand, lives in London and spends his life tasting, judging and talking about wine.

The Institute of Masters of Wine is a membership organisation whose members are the Masters of Wine. The IMW’s mission is to promote excellence, interaction, and learning across all sectors of the global wine community. MWs prove their understanding of all aspects of wine by passing the MW exam, recognised globally for its rigour and exacting standards. The MW exam involves a series of theory papers and blind tasting examinations, plus an individual research paper on a subject that will contribute to the understanding of the world of wine. Over 450 people have become MWs since the first exam took place in 1953, and the IMW actively seeks new candidates around the world.

Peter McCombie loves wine. After growing up in his New Zealand he spent several years travelling the world – often by sail. He found himself drawn to the world of wine and moved to London to study for the Master of Wine qualification.

Since passing the exams in 1994 Peter has worked in most parts of the wine industry. He started in sales and now consults across the wine industry, from wine producers to restaurants, from importers to drinkers. He is also a leading wine judge and writes and talks about wine.

Peter knows you can find good wine all over the world but his favourite countries are Italy and New Zealand. And Spain and Portugal. And really you can’t ignore France.

Peter thinks the best wine is the one in your glass now. He likes to help people find wines that they want to drink that don’t cost the earth.


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