The Hatchery

I am really excited to celebrate the second year of The Hatchery, a collaborative incubator for ambitious food entrepreneurs.

Already two young businesses in The Hatchery have hatched and flown to early success – Smorgasbord Swedish meatballs – headed by Chris Monks – gained extensive early listings in Sainsburys, Asda, Ocado and Costco and is now flying high; and The Gym Kitchen – headed by young entrepreneur Segun Akinwoleola – launched into Asda and early signs are looking good.  And the Squirrel Sisters sugar free healthy snacks – headed by sisters Sophie and Gracie Tyrrell – are making great headway in gaining wider distribution.


There are so many challenges facing emerging FMCG brands that 9 out of 10 business fail in their first 3 years.  Most of the pitfalls that scupper new brands are avoidable, and I believe that a collective, collaborative approach is the best way of challenging the larger corporations. Bringing together a group of exciting food entrepreneurs under my wing means that they can benefit from some of the advantages that large businesses take for granted – knowledge, reputation, scale and financial resources.

A pre-requisite for joining the Hatchery is that the brand has a mission-driven entrepreneur behind it.  The key to beating the large, soulless corporate brands and the bland supermarket own-labels is to create a brand with personality – a brand that makes you feel something.  If you think you fit the bill, get in touch

Squirrel Sisters

The Gym Kitchen



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