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Increasingly important as it is to cater for our plant-based friends, we at The Black Farmer offer a range of flavoursome vegan products. Our various tasty vegan sausages, mince, meatballs and burgers promote meat-free magic and are the perfect al-fresco accompaniment at any barbecue or picnic. Sure staples for breakfast, lunch or dinner, these balanced and pea-protein-packed meat substitutes will not disappoint. 

Try our new vegan range now and enjoy 25% off!

  • Meat-Free Cocktail Sausages


    30 in stock

  • Meat-Free Sausage


    90 in stock

  • Meat-Free Mince


    60 in stock

  • Meat-Free Balls


    60 in stock

  • Meat-Free Burgers


    90 in stock

15% OFF

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