Peter McCrombie

Wine Tastings

Wine can sometimes seem a bit complicated. There are so many names of wines, places, grapes…where do you start?

You start right here at The Black Farmer!

We have our very own wine expert, Peter McCombie, who is that rare thing a Master of Wine. (More people have been in to space, or summited Mount Everest than have passed the Master of Wine exams!)

And what makes him even more rare, is that he is an expert who doesn’t talk jargon. He thinks that wine tasting should be fun.

Join Peter and Wilfred at 7.00pm on Friday 26th March for the first The Black Farmer Wine Cellar online wine tasting. Send Peter a message to register your interest for this exciting event.

You will learn something, and you will definitely have fun.

If you would like to have your own bespoke wine tasting for you and your friends, or for your company, please get in touch…


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Total £0.00 Min. Food order £50.00. Excludes drinks. Help: 020 3105 4711